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The road to becoming the fastest-growing cryptocurrency company in Norway

INSPIRE is proud to be in a partnership MiraiEx for our conference. The fast-growing cryptocurrency company started to take form in November 2017, with the idea that they wanted a good platform for the Norwegian market for cryptocurrency. At that point in time, cryptocurrency was starting to pick up a lot of interest, and they saw this as an opportunity to create a platform for people in Norway that had an interest in buying or selling cryptocurrency. By Spring 2018, they were met with a lot of adversity in form of people losing money, political issues, new laws and the big decline.

It would have been easier for the company to give up, especially with them being at the start-up phase, but they managed to get through this because they had already done a good job with the administrative tasks. They were the first stock company to be registered at Finanstilsynet, as a service provider for exchange and storage of virtual currency in Norway the spring of 2019.

Hoang Trinh, the CMO of MiraiEx, will be coming to INSPIRE 2021 to talk about his professional background, MiraiEx and their services, cryptocurrency and the road ahead.

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