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Our partnership with Kreftforeningen

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

We in INSPIRE are proud to announce that we are continuing our partnership with Kreftforeningen. Kreftforeningen is a non-profit organization that works to improve the society's attitude to prevent and treat cancer.

“Krafttak mot kreft” takes place in March each year. Normally, close to 20,000 participate in this fundraising campaign to raise money for important cancer research and services for those affected by cancer. This year, like the two previous years, the money raised under “Krafttak mot kreft” goes to research into cancers that few survive and for good care services for patients and relatives.

From 11.02.2021- 15.03.2021 you will have the opportunity to join and support us with our fundraising for “Krafttak mot kreft”. You will also have the option to purchase pre-made "Fuck-cancer" bracelets during our project days 10th -11th of March. You are also welcomed to donate the desired amount of money to Kreftforeningen without buying bracelets. All proceed goes to Kreftforeningen.

To help support “Krafttak mot kreft”, you can join our digital fundraiser here. You can also contribute by using the Vipps-code: 431079. We hope that as many people as possible would like to contribute to this important issue. Together, let's support “Krafttak mot kreft”. Every penny counts!

Read more about Kreftforeningen and their work here.

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