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March 9th was INSPIRE 2022 day 2 and at the same time, the end of the conference. Firstly, we would like to thank the speakers and everyone that attended the lecture. We wouldn´t be INSPIRE without people to inspire. This following year once again has been extraordinary with covid regulations, but we are happy to have completed our conference fully in person and with no restrictions! Following the day one, we once again had the honor to have some amazing and engaging speakers.

The first speaker was Norgesgruppen w/ Signe Bunkholt and Marie Hagerup. Their lessons learned had the focus on sustainability. Norgesgruppen is the leading grocery wholesaling group in Norway with 1800 stores with a priority to put climate and environment first, to be able to reach sustainability goals. In their lecture they talked about how they as a company contribute to a sustainable future and ways in which they have executed this. For instance, they have reduced their CO2 emission by changing to electric and hydrogen driven transportation. Marie Hagerup talked about the different sustainable features in the triumph-app. This includes climate and dietary insights in order to give intel on how much the customers consumption of CO2 emission affects the climate.

They finished their lecture with clear points on how the food production shall be protected, and animal welfare needs more regulation.

The next speaker was Bain & Company w/Gaute Andreassen.

Gaute is a partner at Bain and his lecture was about the green shift. He talked about how the gas industry is not sustainable for the future even though it has been extremely good to us, especially here in Norway. He continued talking about the current crisis in Ukraine and how the sanctions have driven up the gas prices, followed with a remark of “Is it okay for us to enrich ourselves on this crisis?”. He spoke on Norway being far behind the regulation for hydrogen compared to our neighboring country Sweden and how sustainable industries will contribute with 140.000 new jobs within 2030. He rounded of his lecture with expressing the importance of thinking ahead more, so the future generations get the welfare we have today.

Our third speaker is one of the big four consulting firms in Norway. Deloitte is a firm that focuses on sustainability, but not only on climate and environment. They argue sustainability also has a social and governance aspect. Deloitte mentioned how they counterweighed against Black Friday with a concept called Giving Tuesday. It is all about giving back instead of consuming. In their lecture they also talked about the importance of working close with their clientele to create relations. They aim to make a difference in climate and environment, but also in the social sector.

The next speaker was none other than our main partner, Implement Consulting Group.

They focus on Humanocracy, the rebuilding of a leadership and management model based on human-centric principles. In their lecture they talked about how they work with their customer throughout the entire value chain. As an example, they mentioned how they have helped IKEA with their B2B model, and how they followed this process closely to make it work. Dag also mentioned how one can find strategy within competence, and it is therefore important to have competent employees. Implement also work efficiently and rapidly to be on top of their game. They mentioned that just because you lead the market today, doesn´t mean you´ll be there tomorrow.

Our final speaker of INSPIRE 2022 was the blogger-turned-businesswoman Sophie Elise Isachsen, who managed to bring in 500 people into BI’s biggest auditorium “Finn Øien” with her lecture.

Sophie Elise was just 15 when she started her well-known blog. She talked about some of the struggles she has faced as she started as a “pink blogger.” Isachsen wanted to be different, and she used that to her advantage. She was not afraid to talk about her past mistakes both in the business world and in her personal life. Isachsen also talked about how she was afraid that she would just be another blogger in the passing. In her lecture she talked about her business Glöd which is a vegan and cruelty free beauty brand. Isachen stated that she was lucky with her timing because it was a hole in the industry that she managed to fill. Even though she’s had major success with Glöd she was not shy to talk about how her book subscription did not work out. Sophie Elise rounded of INSPIRE 2022 by talking about how she feels the reason for her relevance is that she is relatable to the people.

This year’s INSPIRE has been a success and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Once again thank you to all the speakers, participants, and everyone else involved with INSPIRE 2022.

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