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Updated: Feb 3

The first day of Inspire 2022 is completed, and we have had the great honor of having inspiring and engaging speakers on stage!

Today was an extra special day, since we also celebrated the International Women's Day. The day kick-started with Kristin Skogen Lund, the CEO of Norway's most influential media group, Schibsted. She talked about how Schibsted has handled the Corona Pandemic, and what they have learned in the past two years.

The essence of her lecture was about the opportunities a recessions can offer, and how we as humans are able to quickly adapt to the new situation and find new solutions when we are forced to do so. She talked about how businesses can change consumers to become more sustainable by coming up with solutions that make sustainable choices easier and helping consumers demand more sustainable goods. She finished her lecture by emphasising how changing the way we define financial success and moving away from always wanting to produce more can help us focus more on re-use and therefore bring us one step closer to sustainable solutions.

The second speaker on today's agenda was another influential woman, Isabelle Ringnes. Ringnes talked about her way into the tech-business, an industry that is overrepresented by men, and her commitment to getting more women into the tech industry. She had many good points in her lecture regarding how being fearless and saying yes to everything is the way to go if you want to achieve something. "You never know what opportunity will open the door to something even bigger", she said.

The only man who had the honor of sharing today's scene with all these inspiring women was non other than Jan Grønnbech. Grønnbech is the former Country Manager for Google and Youtube Norway. Today, he is a Chief Business Officer at dCompany. He saw the potential in internet early, and his lecture was about the importance of data, and how data can be used for everything, even in a hiring process.

We ended the first day with Norway's largest recycling app, Tise. Through the lecture we learned how much of the CO2 emissions the clothing industry accounts for, and how important it is that we change our consumer behavior from always buying new, to buying second-hand clothes instead. With this in mind, we learned how Tise is helping solve this problem, and their solutions to make it easier to be a more sustainable consumer.

We have had many inspiring people on stage today, and we are really looking forward to tomorrow. See you then!!

Written by: Even Andre Lindås

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