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Miraiex X Inspire

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Inspire is proud to announce that Miraiex is joining us as our business partner for this year's conferance 2021 . Miraiex is Norway's biggest cryptocurrency exchange. We are looking forward to have them as our partner.

About Miraiex:

Miraiex is a cryptocurrency exchange company that was started by a group of technologists who wanted to build something bigger together. From three entrepreneurs with a background in programming, they have now grown to become a versatile team of eight people with developers, designers, marketers and business developers.

The team is hand-picked to be able to deliver the best service and experience to their customers, with a focus on safety, availability and user-friendliness.

They are registered with Finanstilsynet as a service provider for exchanging and storing virtual currency in Norway, and want to make it as easy to invest in cryptocurrencies as in shares and funds.

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