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If you have any questions,
feel free to contact:

Trine Høstmark Solhaug

 +47 907 68 944

Håkon Wik Heltne

 +47 988 99 863

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Implement Consulting Group (IM_) is a Strategy and Management Consulting firm based on Nordic values and culture. With 1,000 employees in six countries, the company is one of the fastest growing management consulting firms out there. The team in Oslo helps leading organizations shape and deliver impact from strategy, commercial growth initiatives, digital transformations, sustainability initiatives, performance improvements and more.


The team consists of a mix of strategic problem-solvers, commercial excellence nerds, growth hackers and transformation experts with deep functional expertise and broad experience across industries and businesses. We value autonomy and entrepreneurship. Therefore, in IM _ you choose your own leaders and develop skills in the areas that inspires and interests you the most.

We aim to be the best place for the best people based on a culture of valuing each other, caring for each other, making sure to learn every day; … and having fun together.


Check out the video below for a glimpse of what life in Implement Consulting Group is like.


Another Year In The Life Of Rolf
Implement Consulting Group

Another Year In The Life Of Rolf

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