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For it to be possible to carry out the event, we are dependent on engaged and motivated ambassadors who can help us to make a unforgettable event. You don't need any previous experience to apply. Being motivated and willing to learn is what we are looking for!

As a ambassador for Inspire, you will get many relevant tasks that you can gain experience from. Everything from graphics and marketing, logistics and finance to contacting businesses and negotiating with them. We are sure we will find something exciting for you to do. And the best of all; it will look good on your resume that you get involved in the student association during your studies

Being an ambassador in Inspire should also be rewarding and fun. We are a very sociable group that enjoys doing fun things together like cabin trips, game nights, parties, dinners, quizzes and a lot more! 





Finding the right speakers to motivate and inspire the students take creativity, courage and a huge smile. On this team you will help contact potential speakers by phone or email and keep contact with them towards the conference. You will develop contracts and coordinate the speakers on site.


As a part of sponsorship team you will get the opportunity to engage with a team of motivated students to make Inspire a success. Cooperate with the sponsorship team to find, and contact relevant businesses. Attend meetings with the businesses that are interested in a cooperation with Inspire.


On the ambassador team you will be working closely with the Staff Coordinator to arrange social gatherings, help out with the logistics for the conference in March, and overall help out with the social aspect of the project.


As part of the communications team, you will work with all external marketing of Inspire, create graphic material, and promote Inspire on all social media platforms like facebook, instagram and website.

As a part of the Business Relations team you will be working closely with the companies and corporate partners to get the economic sponsorships for the project. We will be contacting different companies to collaborate and have a partnership with. You will also learn how to negotiate, set up meetings, holding a business presentation and how to get in contact with different companies.


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